Chilling.. out..

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Experience @ US

Pleasant Climate, Environment, People.

After a long work, did had a small break this week end.

Gone out to a Shopping Mall (accompanied with other Friend for his purchase).

Spoke to my PG Friend… A pleasant time over the phone….

Sharing of US Experience, was really good….

Change in Climate : Climate changes very faster. Now for the past two-four days, it is chilling out.

Eventhough it is cool, it is good to walk out.


My First Flight

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I flew from India to US on 11-Aug-2007. It was my First Flight Journey….

I liked it… Invading through Clouds / Wind… Really Amazing…..

What a Wonderful Nature…..

I will come out with my Flying Experience later.. in another post.

!!! Accident twice within months time !!!

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Accident 1 : Met with a small accident on 13 of this month.

Narration : Went for a meeting for other branch office and was way back to my regular office branch. I was driving @ 15-20 Kmph by that time. I was going in the left side of the road. A Minidor Tempo came to left of me and hit me; I fell on a Tata Sumo which was also slow @ that place there was huge traffic. To avoid falling down and have wounds, I just left the bike and stood. Rear view Glass in my Vehicle gone into pieces.

Justification : I was in the extreme left and there was only little space next to me, where the Tempo person was trying go further ahead. Even after the incident the Tempo person didnt look @ me, he was just going ahead. But a near by person ( pedestrian ) helped in lifting the Vehicle.

Thank God!. There was no wounds for me. Again proceeded to office, and in evening I gave the Bike for Service as it was supposed to be given for First Service after the Purchase.

Accident 2 : Met with an accident on 28 of this month.

Narration : It is clear early morning. I was driving @ 50 Kmph in the high road, which is free from traffic’s. On the way suddenly a small guy (around 8-10 Yrs old) came in between stood in the middle of road (I think he was dilemma), on looking @ the guy, I slowed down my bike to 40 Kmph. But he proceed again crossing the road, to avoid hitting that Guy, I slightly turned left of mine where I lost control and slipped to a Drainage (path for rain water passage) and had bad hits. The guy ran away, one guy looking at this from some distance was coming towards me, and I waved my hand towards a by passer on the road(who was driving). They both helped me from the PIT. I got hit in two elbows badly injured. Again turned back to house and got cleaned and started back to office in the vehicle itself.

Justification : People those who cross roads should also have little conscience.. 😦 😦

For People who Drive : Please be little more conscience when u drive.

Amidst of Busy work all this happened. I hands are aching; but still then…

Weekend with Work & Leisure

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It was three days week end, where I had work in arranging things @ the newly shifted house.

Friday  [ 26-01-2007 ]

Guest : Around 10 where @ home, we all had fun being in home.

Later  in the Evening we all went to Temple near by : Meenakshi Amman Temple.

Saturday [ 27-01-2007 ]

We had planned to go to my Aunt’s home where as plan was dropped because some more guest came to house for visit. The guest left home that afternoon, mean time Gas Connection formalities had been completed.

Afternoon I took my luggages from  my PG to House.

Later in the Evening we all went to  ISKCON [ Lord Krishna ] temple. All enjoyed that trip.

Sunday [ 28-01.2007 ]

All the Guest were set ready to go back to their places.

We then went to Aunt’s home ( As planned yesterday ) by Afternoon.

Then we went to Bus Stand to Send off our Guest.

We came back to house by 10.30 Pm.

So this week end went fine.

Things that was not done as per plan in this week end was purchasing of Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Two Wheeler.

As promised by uncle, we have planned to take Refrigerator and Washing Machine after 15 days of time.

Two wheeler in next coming week end.

Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala

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I had been for Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala….. last week….

This was my Third Consecutive year of Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala…

Sabari Malai is the place where Lord Ayyappan Temple is situated….

For More details :

I had good time during visit to Sabari Mala….

I started my Pilgrimage trip from my home town around 12.30 Pm on 22.12.06.

We were crew of Five members(+1 Driver) for the pilgrimage.

We went to Erumeli, a spot where the devotees of Lord Ayyappa will immitate like hunting, dancing as to travel amidst of the wood.

The next was Pampa.. It is said to be HOLY RIVER for Sabari Mala, as Lord Ayyappa was born on this river bed….

Before proceeding further, we took some rest over there in a Hut…(HOTEL).

Then again we started our Walk for 13 Km Length (The Distance between Sabari Mala and Pampa river) by 2.30 Am of 23.12.2006.

We reached the temple by 7 Am of the same day….

It was really good see the God after the 40 days of Fasting….

Later after all the rituals, We again started back down to Pampa (Way to home) by 12 Pm. We reached Pampa by 1.30 Pm where our taxi was parked and started back to home by 2 Pm.

Reached home by 10 Pm… I felt the trip was so good, as we had pleasant driving(Trip) and darshan in temple.

So my week end along with Christmas leave gone good…… 🙂

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