Literature Magic from Google.

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 Google @ its Best in 5 Languages…..

Select the Language 

Type the word as pronounced in the regional language as it is, and press SPACE; you will get the corresponding Word in the language that you have selected.

Languages are : Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada.


GURUJI – An Indian GOOGLE……. Check Out

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“…A company could compete Google, the search engine giant – particularly in a foreign market – and intends to do
exactly that…”

These are the opening lines of Doug Caverly’s story on,India’s first search engine. Doug Caverly is a renowned technology journalist who writes on the latest in the field of Internet and search engines.
He goes on to say that – “The powerful backers that support Guruji could also put it in a position to do well”.

He concludes by saying, “If you happen to live in India, or have an interest in the region, might be worth a look. It promises to offer a more focused view (in a geographic sense) than Google, and, considering some of the things Eric Schmidt has said recently, it may be time to find an alternative to the American
engine, anyway.”

I think it’s really cool to see an Indian search engine preparing to challenge Google.

You can visit to experience it first hand. Besides being able to search in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malyalam, you can also search on your favorite local listings like restaurants, cabs, theaters, gymnasiums and so on.

Read more about the Guruji Vs. Google story here –

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Today’s Professional Management

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1.”We will do it” means “You will do it”

2.”You have done a great job” means “More work to be given to you”

3.”We are working on it” means “We have not yet started working on the

4.”Tomorrow first thing in the morning” means “Its not getting done
“At least not tomorrow!”

5.”After discussion we will decide-I am very open to views” means “I
have already decided, I will tell you what to do”

6.”There was a slight miscommunication” means “We had actually lied”

7.”Lets call a meeting and discuss” means “I have no time now, will
talk later”

8.”We can always do it” means “We actually cannot do the same on time”

9.”We are on the right track but there needs to be a slight extension
of the deadline” means “The project is screwed up, we cannot deliver
on time.”

10.”We had slight differences of opinion “means “We had actually

11.”Make a list of the work that you do and let’s see how I can help
you” means “Anyway you have to find a way out no help from me”

12.”You should have told me earlier” means “Well even if you told me
earlier that would have made hardly any difference!”

13.”We need to find out the real reason” means “Well I will tell you
where your fault is”

14.”Well Family is important; your leave is always granted. Just
ensure that the work is not affected,” means, “Well you know…”

15.”We are a team,” means, “I am not the only one to be blamed”

16.”That’s actually a good question” means “I do not know anything
about it”

17.”All the Best” means “You are in trouble”

Codes for Coder…. An Avataar who helps Developers

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Google is taking its search expertise to one of its favorite audiences: software developers.

The company on Thursday launched a Web site,  Google Code Search, which the company says will let programmers search billions of lines of code for tips on how to write their own software.


~ MGK ~

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