Rememberable Day…..

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It was my First B’Day outside my Mother Nation.

Hope that is the reason why I was not able to enjoy the day…

I had loads of work on that day, which was too tiring and tougher time in managing @ that time.

I was not able to talk freely to my Beloved ones on this days, I just attended the calls and informed them that I am busy and I was not able to find time for them…..

Work, Work, Work…. is the cause…. I just wanna forget that day… :(.

I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to the beloved ones, who called me for wishing. Forgive me, let me make sure that this doesnt happen again.


Online TextBooks

May 18, 2008 at 9:07 pm | Posted in Friends, General, Interest, Public | 1 Comment

Online Textbooks for stateboard schools of Tamilnadu (India).

It is available as a PDF which could be downloaded.

Pass on these Information to your friends, which could help n number of peoples.

Here you go ! :

A Night in an Airport

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It was a long week end. So planned to have a trip to a tourist spot near by.
Reached to the spot in midnight, settled & roamed around the city for two days. Had fun, enjoyed the locations.

As I have early flight on next morning, planned to spend the night @ Airport. Reached Airport @ around 9 PM.
Enquired about for place to take rest myself.

Just reached to the place where people use to gather, who are planning to stay and catch their early flights.
I was third in the row to reach the spot.

It is place where we could see different people, culture, habit, etc..

Small naration about people around

A lady with a book : It looks like she is more involved in book (book worm). No. It it not. She was just pretending like reading book. Might be she was using her book as barricade, which would have made her feel comfortable and no one would disturb her.

Sleeping Man : Second person whom I saw, before I stepped to that spot was a man was sleeping in the chairs itself. He just woke up around 5.30 in the morning and rubbed his eyes and started moving out with his luggage.

Drunken Monk : A Monk was sitting there, he was drunk and was murmuring something all through the night in half sleep.

These three are the persons who were present before I reached the Resting area.

Here comes some of my observations

Till 11 PM all the surronding doors were open and was accessible by the People who were waiting for their respective early Flights. After the clock struck 11, doors were locked and limited area only is accessible.

Few more people came in. Some were feeling uncomfortable among the crew.

One guy looked like he is missing himself, he used to stare at everyone and murmuring himself and hang down his head again.

Another guy, looked like Arrogant fellow (Good Body Condition) but he was quite calm and was involved himself in reading book.

It is turn of myself….. As this kind of stay is new and the place is also new so I was just trying to behave accordingly in such a way that no harm towards me on its way and kept watching others to make a note their activity to present it over here.

Little latter a couple came to the spot, who made the place lively one. They were good and decent looking. As soon as they reached the spot they had their feast (Mouth Kiss) and then started listening music and reading book. They were the center of attraction there.

A Lady with a kid was coming with luggage and tried to find a corner place to leave the luggage and be leisure themselves. Finally she managed to place the luggage and made the chair comfortable in such a way that her kid could sleep. I bow down for the mothers here.

Two other persons, who came together and looked rest less and watch having eye on every one and keep walking in that small space to and fro. They jumped out as soon the door was opened in the morning.

Later I fell asleep in the chair and woke up when the doors were opened. So people started moving out through their respective directions on their own ways. Finally again that young couples were clear for the morning (ready with make-up), had morning break (Kiss); a good one and long one where the NR’s were looking at them.

Later I went to the domestic Airport to catch my flight.

This is all about the stay in the Airport for a Night.

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