Cup Noodles… Danger….

October 16, 2007 at 12:25 pm | Posted in Friends, General, Grievances, Interest, Medical, Public | 3 Comments

Instant Noodles Lovers…. For our Health concern, pls.. pass on the msg to those who love instant noodles..This information what I heard from a fellow colleague… A person who was studying in UK for about One & Half years, likes to eat cup noodles. Suddenly fell sick with some intestine & liver problem.Guess what happened !!!.

 Doctor found that there is a layer of wax lining the walls of his stomach. Seems that instant noodles that comes with foam containers contain an edible layer of wax. However, regular consumptions make it hard for our livers to clear the toxic.

This person died when went for an Operation to try to remove the layer. Pls.. do not boil the noodles in the container. Transfer to a glass bowl before you put the hot water.



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  1. Kamesh,

    Every thing is fine.

  2. Cup Noodles are relatively dangerous towards health. People should avoid them because of the loads of saturated fat and sodium it contains. These contribute to high-blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesteral, which dangerously increases the risk of any cardiovasucaler disease.

    • we should not eat the magi noodles and that toproman please avoid it is a hard thing to digest.we can eat vegetable noodles the is vitamins.i like noodles vry much

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