Auto Rickshaw

February 16, 2007 at 5:11 am | Posted in General, Grievances, Public | 5 Comments

Vehicle with three wheel that roots up the city life, and also topples down some life in day to day life.

I am here now to narrate some characteristics of the persons who drive autorickshaw’s.         ( I am not talking about entire crew ).

Having seperate track for autorickshaw given by traffic police, which is never followed by them. They hang in bus stops, rush between the bus the passenger who is about to board to the bus, or he will strand the traffic. When some one stares at him or scoulds for his mis behaviour he starts with abusing words (@ times they even hit the people badly for that).

They never signal ( left turn / right turn), which some time causes panic situtation to the person who follows behind his vehicle.


Another Scenario

People  from my office travel in Auto’s for a certain distance which is less than the minimal distance charge tariff that Govt had fixed. But here they used to board 4 or 5 People in the back seat, and 3 or 4 in Front ( leaving Auto Driver). Normal capacity or person allowed in auto is 3 + 1 (Driver).

These Auto’s charge the employee’s Rs.5/- per head. Where as he earns a Sum of Rs.50/- in To and Fro trip.

The Real cause : People wait in the Gate for boarding in to Auto’s. Those Auto drivers force people to take Auto and suppose they keep waiting for the Auto to be over filled up.

If they are not able to convince passengers, they simply criticise and let them down there itself and  leave them stranded there. This is usual scenario.

Once when a passenger asked why you had asked us to board and asking us to come down again, the auto person started blasting the guy with abusing words and was about to hit the person. Then other (Auto) persons  convinced that person.

But even people are using that sort persons vehicle still now. It is hardly less than 1.5 Km, which can easily covered by walk under tree shade.

Whom to Blame ?  😦



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  1. Well, only people cannot handle them as most of this auto-drivers come from roawdy background or are people who can hit others for a penny. Unless govt(police) body gets involved it will be waste of energy for aam janta.
    One more possibility is go in a group of hundred and be ready to give a punch for a punch then ask him to go where ever u want at govt specified charges,

  2. Hi friend,

    I hope you r in Gurgaon, Where this is very common. First, you cannot blame them because before you board the auto he will say it will move after filling 6 to 7 persons only. Since autos are allowed to ply as Shared basis in some places, it is very common to take 6 to 7 people.

    Second, When there is no freequent bus service available there is no other option to take the auto.

    then thrid y can’t you walk 1.5 Kms (hope if you are in Blore and ur company is in Electronics city). It is good for health and also physical fitness will be improved.

  3. This is due lack of unity, if you are ready to fight and coporate then nothing is impossible.
    Even I felt the same. So this is so bad !!

  4. Bepenfriends :

    If it is a type of Share Auto thats well and good (that which could accomodate more than 6 persons). But it is normal Auto which is not safe to do so.

    Also I am asking PPL to take the point 3 that is given by you ( mentioned in my last few lines).

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion

    Sunil / Jaswinder Singh :

    Thanks for your support on the same.

  5. its better to walk 1.5kms !
    better for your health !!!

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