Looking for a House

January 15, 2007 at 3:35 am | Posted in Week End Stories | Leave a comment

Having planned to bring my parents to the city where Iam working, my Father came on Saturday Morning to meet me regarding the same. So we both started hunting for house from Saturday.

I had already booked a House which I felt as enough for my Family. But which was sold out to some other person without intimating :(. But Broker who was incharge of this informed me on Sunday Afternoon, which is neck of the moment to find out other house.

But  having a hold of another broker, I was looking for other house too. Later on Saturday Evening we had finalised a house which is quite comfortable to travel for office. After this me and my Father went to my Aunt’s home.

Again we started from there on Sunday morning.. and met the same broker to get to see the house, as Father has not seen the house the last evening. After seeing that Father was little bit satisfied, by mean time my Friend Param called up and told about a house for Rent near by his place of stay.

So we went immediately to that spot, which we felt as good and finalised it with a Token Advance. So we both felt little free after booking that house. As the reason is we have also given the notice period in the place where we are staying (Native).

So Today, I had asked my Father visit the place once again and confirm with other formalities with the House Owner.

Meet you in another Log… till then Bye.. from MGK


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