Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala

December 27, 2006 at 4:26 am | Posted in General, Regional, Travel, Week End Stories | 5 Comments

I had been for Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala….. last week….

This was my Third Consecutive year of Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala…

Sabari Malai is the place where Lord Ayyappan Temple is situated….

For More details : http://www.sabarimala.com.

I had good time during visit to Sabari Mala….

I started my Pilgrimage trip from my home town around 12.30 Pm on 22.12.06.

We were crew of Five members(+1 Driver) for the pilgrimage.

We went to Erumeli, a spot where the devotees of Lord Ayyappa will immitate like hunting, dancing as to travel amidst of the wood.

The next was Pampa.. It is said to be HOLY RIVER for Sabari Mala, as Lord Ayyappa was born on this river bed….

Before proceeding further, we took some rest over there in a Hut…(HOTEL).

Then again we started our Walk for 13 Km Length (The Distance between Sabari Mala and Pampa river) by 2.30 Am of 23.12.2006.

We reached the temple by 7 Am of the same day….

It was really good see the God after the 40 days of Fasting….

Later after all the rituals, We again started back down to Pampa (Way to home) by 12 Pm. We reached Pampa by 1.30 Pm where our taxi was parked and started back to home by 2 Pm.

Reached home by 10 Pm… I felt the trip was so good, as we had pleasant driving(Trip) and darshan in temple.

So my week end along with Christmas leave gone good…… 🙂



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  1. it took you 40 days to purify yourself enough? man this muse be real tough

  2. Hi Kamesh,
    A nice post. I just happened to see it today only. A small suggestion. The distance from Pampa to Sannidhanam (Sabarimala) is about 6-7 kms and not 13 kms.
    Kindly check the same.
    Even I liked your other posts too…
    Warm wishes,

  3. I believe the god ayyppa whose real place is sabarimala giri. i know that place but i have not seen till now one time. now i am going to see that place by wearing mala. with god blessing if ours then definetly this month end i can see tha god ayyappa

  4. I am a Malaysian Indian . Blessed are those who stay in India and have an opportunity to see Bhagawan Swami Ayyappan in Sabari Malai and Makara Jothi arising above Kanta Malai every year. What is easy for most of you over there is a indeed carefully planned annual pilgrimage for Indians in other part of the globe. Have a wonderful Sabari Yatra this year.



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