Third Week End of December

December 18, 2006 at 3:38 am | Posted in General, Week End Stories | Leave a comment

This week was good.

All the routine works gone fine.

Sunday evening we three met (Murugaperumal, Parameswaran & Me) .

I will give intro about these guys in next coming post

We three went out for a purchase of a Sub-Woofer Speaker Set.

We went down to the local market area where lot of computer equipments and other electronics goods are available (K.R.Market – S J P Road, Bangalore).

When we got down from Auto and walked some 300 Mts from there to the shop.

As of walking we thought all the shops are closed (as it was Sunday). But only one shop was kept open (where Param and me already purchased a Speaker set for the former).

Happily we bought it came back to Murugaperumal’s house, were tried connecting the speaker and tested it. It was working fine…..

As it worked Param and me left MP’s house and went for dinner to our regular resturant.

After the dinner, we departed for the day.. I asked Param to deposit the money into my account on Tuesday as Bank will be holiday on Monday. I asked Param to do it bcoz, he is working for UK timing…

Later I will catch up wordpress with the Intro of my Friends mentioned above.




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