Whom to Blame ???

December 13, 2006 at 2:30 am | Posted in General, Grievances, Public | Leave a comment

Today when I was travelling in the Bus from my place of stay to office. A Co-Passenger (regular passenger in the bus), he got into the bus from the regular spot. But before he got into the bus there were Investigation Team (Checkers) where checking out the tickets/passes of the passengers in the bus. The Co-Passenger came and sat near to me (we dont know one another). Checkers came to him and asked to show the ticket. He told that he got into the stop just now and yet to take ticket. But that public servants denied telling that they didnt allow anybody to get into the bus after they got into the bus in that stop. But as I had seen him regularly getting into the bus in that particular stop, I said to the Checkers that, he got into the bus stop only after you people, and also assured him that I know him for a quite long time as a co-passenger. Like me another passenger who is also travelling in the same bus for quite long term told the checkers, but they were adamant in what they were telling…

So the co-passenger was forced to pay a Minimal fine.

(It happens only in India).

It would be worst start for the day for the guy (co-passenger) who was true, the conductor knowing this regular passenger could have helped him out as he also knew him, but he failed to do so. As he has also been warned for not issuing ticket for him.

Whom to Blame ?!.. 😦


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