Week End

December 11, 2006 at 3:14 am | Posted in General, Week End Stories | Leave a comment

Good Morning… to one and all…!…

It was a pleasant Week End….

On Saturday (09.12.06) : I got up late @ 10 ‘0 Clock AM. Went with friends for aa enquiry regarding their migration from Prepaid to Postpaid. Later by afternoon, we three had lunch together @ Balaji Resturant.

Other two who accompanied me are my Colleagues, both are from my State. One is Ramesh, and other guy is Kumar.

Before Lunch, i went along with Kumar and Ramesh for a Purchase of Jeans and Jerkin / Jacket.

Later Ramesh & Kumar left for the day. Rest of the day went pleasant.

On Sunday (10.12.06) : I got up little late by 8 Am. I went to ATM (Official) to collect money and deposit it in my Personal Account, thru which I transfered the Money to my parents over the Net. Later in the evening my friend Param came to my room, we both were waiting for another friend MP’s Phone Call. In the mean time, we were enjoying the nature standing in the terrace of the building where I am staying. We were looking @ Kite that were plyed by the localites nearby.

Later in the earlier night we went to MP’s new house, I Collected my Book materials from MP’s Old room to my Room with help of Param. After leaving me in the Room, Param went out for Team Party from their Company……

This is all about my this week end….


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