SMS of the Day ~ 28.12.06 ~

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Medicines and Frienships…..

Both Cure our Problems……

Only Difference is that

Frienships don’t have an expiry date….


Work after the Long Week End

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I came back to my work, after the pilgrimage from Sabari Mala. It was nearly Five days away from the work.

On coming back, I wanted myself to run thru the work assigned and complete it in time.

Previously, I was little  slow in the work that is assigned for me.

Now I feel little more enthusiastic, and doing the work in time. Also added to this, now I am not feeling bored during the work time, the Time it is passing fast as Iam more concentrated @ work.

Once again back to form…. 🙂 Meet you all with more Info…. whenever time avails me a chance

Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala

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I had been for Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala….. last week….

This was my Third Consecutive year of Pilgrimage to Sabari Mala…

Sabari Malai is the place where Lord Ayyappan Temple is situated….

For More details :

I had good time during visit to Sabari Mala….

I started my Pilgrimage trip from my home town around 12.30 Pm on 22.12.06.

We were crew of Five members(+1 Driver) for the pilgrimage.

We went to Erumeli, a spot where the devotees of Lord Ayyappa will immitate like hunting, dancing as to travel amidst of the wood.

The next was Pampa.. It is said to be HOLY RIVER for Sabari Mala, as Lord Ayyappa was born on this river bed….

Before proceeding further, we took some rest over there in a Hut…(HOTEL).

Then again we started our Walk for 13 Km Length (The Distance between Sabari Mala and Pampa river) by 2.30 Am of 23.12.2006.

We reached the temple by 7 Am of the same day….

It was really good see the God after the 40 days of Fasting….

Later after all the rituals, We again started back down to Pampa (Way to home) by 12 Pm. We reached Pampa by 1.30 Pm where our taxi was parked and started back to home by 2 Pm.

Reached home by 10 Pm… I felt the trip was so good, as we had pleasant driving(Trip) and darshan in temple.

So my week end along with Christmas leave gone good…… 🙂

Friends Intro….

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As said in earlier post, I am here to give a short intro of my friends who are here near to me in the city.

General Behaviour of those two guys are as follows.

Murugaperumal : Man of Abundant Objects.

Parameswaran : He is a Crisp Code with lot of Logics within it.

We became friends from the College where we did our Post Graduation together from (As u can see the detail about the college in the older post of My Introduction) 2001-2003; which is stilll longing. The College had brought out the enormous energy within us; those credit goes to our tutors there, who were friendly and encouraged us for the things that we did.

So in brief about my friends…..

Murugaperumal : He is from Madurai (a localite during college days). He is good executor and in managing people. He is good to all, that many inspire him. He is working with a Sole Indian IT Company orginated by a Tamilian.

Parameswaran : He is from Mallipalayam (hosteler), near to Gobichettipalayam. He is person who has subscripted himself to a diction, by which he always grows with. He is working with a Multinational Company which is among the Top 3 in the World.

Also… another important… person.. to be introduced here.

A facinating personality… Friend cum Friend turned Sister. She is Kiruthika.

Kiruthika : Master Mind…. of our College, Ooops…. she is still like that only.

She is basically from continental place (Thondi) , but brought up from Madurai only, she did her college staying in the Hostel as her parents where doing business in Thondi.

She is Base Class of all us, from whom we had inherited our knowledge, yet we are not fullfilled, as the base class is growing day by day.

She is my first Friend in that College, who started with ‘Hi’. Later as days grown, she became a good friend, later turned to be a Sister after the Raksha Bandan in 2002. Also i got another Sister the similar way on the same day; her name is Umarani. Let me give introduction of her in next post, where i planned to post the intro of my Entire PG Friends.

Murugaperumal is shortly called as MP, Parameswaran is shortly called as Param (SuperComputer), and Kiruthika is shortly called as Kirthi…

Kirthi and MP fell in love with one another, their journey of love started from 2002 and ended up in Family life after tying a knot in Dec 01, 2006.

So this is a short cum brief intro of my nearest friends…

As days are growable, My Post also will be growing day by day….


~ MGK ~

Third Week End of December

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This week was good.

All the routine works gone fine.

Sunday evening we three met (Murugaperumal, Parameswaran & Me) .

I will give intro about these guys in next coming post

We three went out for a purchase of a Sub-Woofer Speaker Set.

We went down to the local market area where lot of computer equipments and other electronics goods are available (K.R.Market – S J P Road, Bangalore).

When we got down from Auto and walked some 300 Mts from there to the shop.

As of walking we thought all the shops are closed (as it was Sunday). But only one shop was kept open (where Param and me already purchased a Speaker set for the former).

Happily we bought it came back to Murugaperumal’s house, were tried connecting the speaker and tested it. It was working fine…..

As it worked Param and me left MP’s house and went for dinner to our regular resturant.

After the dinner, we departed for the day.. I asked Param to deposit the money into my account on Tuesday as Bank will be holiday on Monday. I asked Param to do it bcoz, he is working for UK timing…

Later I will catch up wordpress with the Intro of my Friends mentioned above.



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